Udaipur & Shrinathji Darshan Yatra

About Us

Every person, in his or her life, certainly presumes a dignified, reputed and majestic journey... desires to spend some precious moments of life... during which, he or she may engage himself or herself in knowing more & more about the ‘Almighty’ and thoroughly study the history. He or she may able to come to know about strange peaceful joy... marvelous experience and the mysteries or the answers to the unforgettable unsolved queries.

Such presumptions are vested within the mind of every human being... he presumes to witness it as a reality, but due to his or her responsibilities, prior commitments and family bindings, generally fails to turn his or her dreams into a reality.

The President of the Organization and ‘honorable’ Gurudev had a thorough discussion on the matter... studied... found that we are already serving the ‘especially abled’ persons with the support of the ‘respected’ donors then why not organize a unique, unprecedented, delighted, joyful and the best journey in Asia for every needy person and for those pilgrims who has a desire for service journey – to organize Udaipur Journey... so as to provide an opportunity to those persons, who, as tourists, social workers, patriotic visit Udaipur and heightened their joy. Through this journey, we aim to provide the service activities of the Organization to every human being... The journey is being organized without taking profit or loss into account... In spite of this, each & every single penny, if earned as profit, shall be utilized in the welfare of the ‘oppressed humanity’.

Kindly move your steps forward... towards the door steps of Narayan Seva Sansthan... on the land of Mewar... for the aforesaid service presumption... You are heartily welcome...

For becoming a contributor during the journey, kindly click... Also, send your consent letter.